Way Up North


November 2016 to January, 2017 - Travel
Eduardo Cerruti & Stephanie Draime

Our bags are packed and waiting for us inside the Jeep while we wait for the coffee that is brewing. It's 5am and we are heading to Seattle, Washington from Mancos, Colorado. Bailey our golden retriever and new adventure buddy is beyond excited to join in on our road trip to the Pacific Northwest.

We jump into the car and after an hour or so we find ourselves in the red rock wonderland of eastern Utah. The Moab desert is stunningly unique and it's tempting to stop for the night but we've barely made it out of Colorado and there is no time, our plan is to make it to Idaho, and spend the night there.

It's around 4pm and driving through Salt Lake City. We finally manage to find the radio station where we can listen to the World Series of Baseball, the Indians are playing against the Blue Jays. Happily, we won! Every once in a while bailey sticks his head up from the trunk to see what's going on and I throw him some popcorn to keep him happy. He loves it.

10 hours later and we are entering Idaho, a much different scenery with warm yellow hills and snowy mountains in the background. Finally we get to Boise and take Bailey out for a nice walk and smell every inch of new he can, then straight to bed!

Four states, 20 hours, two numb bums and a surprisingly happy dog, we have made it just in time for Seattle rush hour! Gloomy, cloudy, grey, it is perfection. 

It's been exhilarating how many "first times" we've experienced these past two days. Officially also the most north we've been in US. With a couple of months to spare in this part of the world and without a precise plan we venture deep into this land.

The road led us to Seattle, Portland North Cascades National Park, Olympic National Park, and to most of the incredible parks in the area. The one of a kind nature the PNW has to offer was worth all the nearly 10,000 miles traveled!

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