Via Carota


April 2017 - Project
New York, NY | USA
Eduardo Cerruti & Stephanie Draime

As we sit around a reclaimed wooden farm table in the back nook of Via Carota, a naturally convivial atmosphere ensues, dissolving boundaries, and the feeling of a sincere welcome spreads throughout me and deepens into a sense of home; more specifically the home of chefs and owners Jody Williams and Rita Sodi. It was in the hills of Florence, inside Rita’s home on the street Via Carota, where Jody and her had cooked in her mothers kitchen for the first time. It is only natural that the restaurant, named after the street, now echoes the simplicity and warmth of a traditional Italian Kitchen.

Scattered throughout the restaurant are treasures of Jody and Rita that have stories to tell. It is clear that authenticity play the leading role and here, creativity has no limits. Wooden furniture is adorned with braids of garlic, paper menus are rolled and stuffed into the back of chairs, dried wheat is stringed and suspended across the windows. A boar’s head is ornamented on the wall next to an impressive shelf devoted to storing plates, glasses, wine bottles, and baskets.

True to Italian culture, seasonal cooking as well as the integrity of the ingredients, is embraced and then transformed onto a plate of personal quality. It is no doubt that Jody and Rita worked with great sensitivity and care to reach a genuine ambience. Via Carota has enriched the neighborhood by providing exceptional dining and we are only so fortunate to call it our local favorite.

Thank you to Jody and Rita for the hospitality!