Okonomi | Brooklyn

June 2017 - Project
Brooklyn, NY | USA
Eduardo Cerruti & Stephanie Draime

Okonomi impeccably captures the principal of ichi ju san sai, a traditional style of a Japanese set meal and the structure of a Japanese cuisine known as “washoku.”

Washoku achieves health and balance through the simple preparation of rice and side dishes made with a variety of seasonal ingredients, allowing the sample of many flavors and textures. Applying washoku principles is not just for preparing food but also for harmonizing the Japanese aesthetic with the plating and palette of colors.

At Okonomi, the nutritionally perfect ichi ju san sai is comprised of a seven-grain rice served with a flavourful miso soup,  fish, pickled vegetables, and an egg all brought to you with exceptional “omotenashi” or hospitality.

Instagram: @okonomibk