Marfa, Texas


July 2016
Marfa, Texas | US
Eduardo Cerruti & Stephanie Draime

In the middle of far West Texas sits Marfa: a rancher’s outpost in the Chihuahuan desert that inhabits some of the most beautiful countryside imaginable- a limitless sky over a high desert that has been left more or less alone since it was created. The rural Southwest culture and international art Mecca combination is what Marfa currently is: from real cowboys to modern art and it is spectacular.

It was our second road trip to Marfa in less than a year. We drove the Jeep three hours south from El Paso along the Mexican border. Countless of roadkill later and the isolated installation of Prada Marfa, an artsy sign that reads “Welcome to Marfa” greeted us.

El Cosmico, once again, was our choice of shelter. The nomadic hotel’s accommodation includes renovated vintage trailers, Sioux style teepees, scout tents, a Mongolian yurt, and tent campsites. We chose to spend our first night in the El Branstrator trailer; our favorite trailer in the campground with a colorful Mexican style interior and an outdoor clawfoot bathtub. After check in we wandered the campsite to snap some photos of the vast desert. Isolation was the prominent state of being we felt which sparked a remarkable amount of inspiration. After exploring we made our way to the communal kitchen and cooked our pasta, chatted over dinner with other campers, and finished the day by setting out our tripod to shoot the starry night. 

The next morning awaited a scrumptious breakfast at Marfa Burrito, If one thing is for sure, it’s Marfa’s burritos. Homemade and traditional- you cannot go wrong. Nap time seems to be taken seriously in Marfa so we made sure to organize our day according to so. We wandered the streets and exhibitions with a slow paste, as that is another lifestyle Marfa drives you into- the slow living life.

Whether it is sitting, staring at the horizon and watching the train pass, or chatting with locals about nature and their coyote pets, Marfa is the town of relaxation with an artsy twist. 


The Judd Foundation
The Chinati Foundation
Marfa Contemporary
Ballroom Marfa

The Get Go
Marfa Burrito
Food Shark
Do Your Thing Coffee


Marfa Book Co.
Mano Mercantile


Prada Marfa
Davis Mountains State Park
Big Bend National Park


El Cosmico
Thunderbird Hotel